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Our Content

Our Content

check out content offerings and let us know how we can help you 

Future Punk
  • 350+ HTML 5 games

  • Portal is available in multi language

  • More than 12 categories (Kids, Strategy, Shooting, Memory, Sports, Match 3, puzzle, adventure, etc.)

Cooking Ingredients
  • Cooking Videos VOD with multiple languages

  • Cooking Tips in Text format (multi languages)

  • Multiple categories (Italian, Indian, Arabic, Greek, etc.)

Model with Stripes
  • Fashion Videos VOD in multiple languages

  • Lifestyle Tips in Text format (multi languages)

  • Multiple categories (Beauty, Selfcare, Makeup, Marriage, etc.)

Round Library
  • More than 300 levels of general knowledge 

  • 4 types (Memory blocks, Jigsaw, Trivia & 4 pics one word)

  • Currently available in 3 languages

  • Solving one level unlocks the next one

Ready to Kick
  • Daily football videos and news

  • Live scores and Fixtures for the top 5 European leagues

  • Multiple Languages

Stretching Fitness
  • More than 15 types of workouts (Abs, Chest, Triceps, Legs, etc.

  • Available in multi languages

  • New videos are pushed every week

Quran and Prayer Beads
  • Yoga & Meditation videos

  • Religious Videos 

  • Available in 2 main languages (En / Ar) and more upon request

  • TV streaming covering different subjects such as Blooywood, Cartoon, Speed Tv, Fight TV & more

  • VOD content for news, sports & lifestyle

  • Multiple Languages

VR Headset
  • Educational content covering multiple subjects 

  • Engaging videos where the user can interact with the video with a simple touch!

  • Available in multi languages upon request

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